Visit this link to learn more. The MINI Magazine was actively published for more than 10 years with a mission of providing helpful information for all aspects of the Mini Schnauzer breed. Our final issue (for now) has been published. However, we continue to make our extensive catalog of back issues available in print or by e-mailed .pdf file.
You may purchase a license to print the .pdf version if you wish. See the magazine's page for more info.
Click here to register.Join this semi-moderated group of like-minded schnauzer owners for answers to everything you ever wanted to know about this breed! Members are required use real names & post an introduction, but membership is free. You must read the registration agreement and follow the directions in order to be accepted for membership.
Health &Nutrition
This is our links collection.Simply Schnauzers Health & Nutrition is a vast listing of resources on the web covering everything from Schnauzer Bumps to Feeding Natural Diet. Nutrition and Miscellaneous sections coming soon.
Click here for our rescue list.SimplySchnauzers and The MINI Magazine have been champions of MS rescue since our inception. An extensive list of rescue groups and contact information is provided.

Nose on the News:

Schnauzer Schmooze!

Grand Champion Allaruth Just Kidding v Sole Baye (aka "Justin") was Best of Breed at the American Miniature Schnauzer Club specialty show held in Long Beach, CA, in June 2011. He is owned by Mrs. Ruth Ziegler and Mrs. Billie Phelps.

Breed Health Research

Juvenile Renal Disease
AMSC and partner researchers continue investigations into juvenile kidney problems which seem to run in some "families" in the breed. Please click on the link to learn more and how you can help.
Liver Shunt Study in U.S.
Cornell Univ. and AMSC request DNA samples. Liver shunts are a serious problem affecting some lines in the breed. Read more about the U.S. efforts here.
Liver Shunt Study in Europe
Are you interested in K9 liver shunt research but you are living in Europe? There is a separate research effort there. For more information, please e-mail my Dutch friend Yvonne by clicking here.
Hyperlipidemia Research
Veterinary scientists at Texas A&M University have received funding from Morris Animal Foundation to study hyperlipidemia - a potentially "silent" disease in 33% of all Minis. Blood samples are needed for the study. If you are interested, please click here to see additional information on the AMSC website.

Diabetic Dog (and cat) ALERT!!!

FDA Announcement - Nov. 2, 2009
If your diabetic dog uses a product called "Vetsulin" it is imperative that you contact your vet immediately. FDA and Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, manufacturer of the product, say it may be "unstable" and cause "unpredictable surges of insulin" in diabetic animals. Read more. . .

Canine Legislation

What is happening in your area?
Legislation involving dogs and breeders - both helpful and harmful - is happening across our country. Responsible pet owners should be aware of bills and proposals that could affect our rights to have pets in the home. Please read the links below.

Welcome to Simply Schnauzers!

You've arrived at the gateway to a unique resource for Miniature Schnauzer owners!

Simply Schnauzers strives to provide a number of information resources to assist you in improving & maintaining a quality lifestyle for your dog. Subscribe to The MINI Magazine or join the Simply Schnauzers Discussion Forum. Browse our health & nutrition section for links we suggest may be helpful in your quest for useful material. Our list of rescue groups & our list of breed clubs may also come in handy!

We support RESCUE!

We have an extensive list of rescue groups all across the U.S. Please click here to view our Paws for Rescue page.


Looking for a (Reputable) Breeder?

See also our chart explaining the different types of breeders you may encounter: Breeder Types

Finding a reputable breeder can be a bit scary these days! Impressive (sometimes religion-oriented) websites, breeders who ship puppies on certain days of the week every week, breeders who accept credit cards and make online sales - ALL of these are potential warning signs of big money-making puppy millers.

Before you make an investment in a puppy, check out our e-guide on how to identify a GOOD breeder and increase the chances that you will buy a healthy, well-adjusted puppy. The e-book includes a list of questions you should ask all the breeders you speak with, the potential warning signs of scamming websites, a shopping list, a list of regional club breeder referral contacts, AND a Breeder Comparison Chart you can print out and use as you interview various breeders. Click here to request a FREE copy of this publication.

To continue reading about breeders here on Simply Schnauzers, Click right here...


Looking for a Breed Club? Check our list!

If you have the dog but you need some guidance, training, or just moral support, a local or regional breed club may be the perfect answer for you. We have a list of contacts & websites for active breed clubs in this country. If you are a breed club member and need to change info here or announce an event, please do contact us! We'll help you get the word out!

Click here for clubs list


Sign Petition to Have HSUS Investigated!

A petition has been created on the We the People website to request President Obama to have Humane Society of the US investigated. You may believe that HSUS is an organization that helps shelters and pets in them, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Please read below and then go sign the petition. 25,000 signatures are needed by Feb. 1st.

Click here for petition website

(from the petition website):
We petition the Obama administration to: INVESTIGATE THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE LOBBYING DISCLOSURE ACT OF 1995 The Humane Society of the U.S (HSUS) is a very wealthy animal lobbying group operating under the guise of helping homelessanimals. However, awareness of its possibly illegal lobbying activities was raised in a complaint formally submitted to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. Questions remain as to why the formal, 18-page complaint, with 153 pages of supporting documents that was received by a DOJ Attorney on August 4, 2011, and which alleges that the HSUS has failed to comply with the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, has largely been ignored. We respectfully request that the Obama administration direct the IRS to thoroughly investigate the possible non-compliance of this organization with the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995.

Interesting reading on topics of concern (click on a link):

Humane Society of the US (HSUS)
How much does HSUS REALLY help local shelters?
Read regularly!
Click the Free Kibble logo (above) to answer
a trivia question and help feed shelter dogs.
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